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Sonic Enchant 100 miniRite RIC...
Sonic Enchant 100 miniRite RIC Hearing Aid The Sonic Enchant 100 is the Rolls Royce of the Sonic Enchant line. Have you ever found yourself going from a quiet environment...
$2,199.36 Sale Regular price $2,960.54
$2,199.36 Sale Regular price $2,960.54
Sonic Enchant 80 miniRite RIC...
Sonic Enchant 80 miniRite RIC Hearing Aid  The Sonic Enchant 80 is the second highest technology model in the Enchant lineup. Life happens in 360 degrees. Traditional hearing aids would...
$2,009.96 Sale Regular price $2,582.59
$2,009.96 Sale Regular price $2,582.59
Sonic Enchant 60 miniRite RIC...
Sonic Enchant 60 miniRite RIC Hearing Aid The Sonic Enchant 60 is the entry level model in the Enchant line. Our brains operate by distinguishing sounds and deciding which are...
$1,737.02 Sale Regular price $2,045.90
$1,737.02 Sale Regular price $2,045.90

Inside Enchant

Enchant keeps speech clear, noise to a minimum, and sound interactions remarkably intuitive and pure. There’s a model and technology level with features to fit every lifestyle and hearing need.


Astounding Technology
Enchant brightens everyday experiences with the incredibly adaptive, flexible, and automatic technologies found on the Sonic SoundDNA platform. These are just a few:
 SmartCompress intelligently detects noise and controls its amplification.
 Speech in Noise (SPiN) technologies highlight speech while reducing background noises.
 Binaural Noise Management balances noise from side to side, helping to focus hearing and prevent discomfort in environments with uneven noise
 Noise Reduction algorithms reduce wind, low-level and unexpected noises


Individualized Attention
Three Enchant technology levels allow activation and personalized settings for features that address individual hearing needs. 
 Extended Dynamic Range adjusts amplification to keep loud sounds from being distorted.
 Tinnitus SoundSupport helps to provide relief for ringing in the ears
• Specialized listening programs like SmartMusic enhance the enjoyment of live music, movies, travel, and more
 Impressive protection for Enchant hearing aids against dust and moisture


Wonderfully Wireless
Every listener will love the convenience of volume and program controls right from a smartphone.

• Enchant is a Made for iPhone® hearing aid, requiring no intermediary device to stream audio from select wireless devices
• The SoundLink 2 smartphone app available on the App Store® and on Google Play™ links Enchant to TVs, music, and more
 Dual-Radio System with 2.4 GHz Wireless Technology and Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) technology makes transmissions faster while optimizing battery life


An advancement to Sonic Speech Variable Processing, SmartCompress helps patients enjoy everyday environments by giving speech more clarity and making noisy surroundings more comfortable.

In quiet environments, Sonic Speech Variable Processing does a remarkable job amplifying soft sounds in speech while subduing loud signals that could be uncomfortable. SmartCompress builds on this technology in noisy environments. 

SmartCompress automatically detects background noise and distinguishes it from speech signals. It evaluates each signal type and instantly adapts proper gain and compression—so speech is more clear and the amplification of background sounds is limited. 

With the ultra-fast processing capacity of SoundDNA, SmartCompress can react and adapt to changing sound situations for incredibly natural listening experiences.

SPiN Management

SPiN Management, for Speech in Noise, puts a trio of technologies to work. Together, they enhance speech, reduce noise, and optimize control of listening scenarios.

SPiN Directionality 
An all new microphone system, SPiN Directionality automatically activates and shifts direction to track and locate moving sound signals. By using 16 independent frequency bands, it locates speech signals with extreme precision. 

SPiN Noise Reduction 
This ultra-fast technology automatically differentiates between speech and noise and immediately reduces unwanted sounds. It works in tandem with SPiN Directionality across the same 16 frequency bands. 

SPiN Engage 
SPiN Engage brings these two technologies together, reacting according to individual listening needs. As different levels of noise enter the environment, SPiN Engage synchronizes directionality and noise reduction efforts.

Binaural Noise Management

Part of the SoundDNA platform, Binaural Noise Management senses when noise is directed towards one hearing aid. By wirelessly communicating with each other, hearing aids with Binaural Noise Management adapt the right gain and noise suppression so sounds feel balanced on both sides.

Traditional noise management treats noise symmetrically—coming from all directions. However, when noise is louder on one side, equal treatment by both hearing aids loses the potential to fine-tune desired sounds. 

Binaural Noise Management is able to suppress noise on one side while prioritizing hearing on the opposite side. These asymmetrical adjustments make listening more comfortable and speech more understandable. 

Binaural Noise Management only activates when the signal-to-noise ratio becomes significantly different between ears. It’s completely automatic—the user doesn’t have to make any adjustments to experience a very natural hearing response 


Suit Personal Preferences
Combine the flexibility of the SoundDNA platform with options available in the Enchant family for a truly distinctive hearing experience. 
• Five technology levels to match fit and feature preferences
• miniRITE, miniRITE T, and BTE models in seven sophisticated colors
• Four Custom styles (IIC, CIC, ITC, HS/FS ITE) in 4 colors and a variety of selectable options

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