Paypal Credit

What is PayPal Credit? 

PayPal Credit is a line of credit issued by Synchrony Bank that gives you the flexibility to pay for your purchase now, or pay over time. It’s easy to apply and easy to use.

You can use PayPal Credit on purchases at thousands of stores that accept PayPal. It’s also available for purchases on eBay and exclusively at thousands of other online stores.

See the PayPal Credit Terms and Conditions. 

How do I select PayPal Credit as my payment method? 

There are two ways to choose PayPal Credit. If a merchant has a PayPal Credit button at checkout, you can simply choose that option. If you don’t see a PayPal Credit button, check out with PayPal. Then you’ll have the option to select PayPal Credit as your payment method.

Please be aware that you cannot combine Paypal Credit with any other payment methods when making your payment.


I just opened a PayPal Credit account. Now what?

Shortly after you open your account, you’ll receive a welcome email.

You can go back into the shopping cart and choose paypal as your payment option.

From there you would choose "USE PAYPAL CREDIT" to use your available credit line.

Then, about 10 to 14 days after your first purchase you’ll receive an email notification that your billing statement is available online. You can log in to PayPal at any time to see your purchases and keep track of when your payments are due.


$1 Days
$2 Hours
$3 Minutes
$4 Seconds