How it all works.


Buy Online. Fit Locally

View the steps below to help guide you through the process, or feel free to click below to take you directly the the shop so you can get your new pair of hearing aids !

3 easy steps.

step 1.



If you already have your recommended hearing aid model, color, and style from your previous hearing clinic go to the shop and pick the right one. 

step 2.



After selecting your hearing aid model, style, color, pair or single unit for your left ear or right add , add the items to cart. Below you'll find a button to add your audiogram from your previous clinic. Your audiogram is your hearing prescription and we require that you submit one prior to your purchase or within 36- Hours.  It makes the process for our hearing partner to fit the equipment on your ears . In some cases they may require a retest but don't worry it's included in your hearing aid purchase with us. 

step 3.



Congradulations ! You're almost done  ! You've just ordered your new set of hearing aids with Hear Direct Club. You're probably wondering what now? Well, a member from our Hear Direct Club patient team contacts you within the hour to discuss which local clinic you'll be partnered with for your fitting and your follow-up.  If we don't have a hearing aid clinic near you for the fitting don't worry ! We'll be happy to find a new one for you . 

What patients have to say.

I wasn't happy with the hearing aid pricing I was given. It was nice to find incredibly and fair hearing aid pricing without driving myself crazy.

Edgar Thompson

Totowa, NJ

It was super easy and fairly quick. I didn't have a clinic directly near me so the customer service team worked with me to find one close to home !

Helder Velasquez

Simi Valley, CA