Meet Our Providers

Meet Our Hearing Aid Providers

The best clinitions and Audiologists to bring you the best hearing aid service only. 

The best in the business.

Unmatched Service

We want to put more into hearing aid care than the best hearing aid prices in the business. We focus on the patient first and pricing second. 

State of the art hearing aid practices

Our partnered hearing care professionals always use state of the art hearing aid testing and fitting equipment so you always get the best from your new hearing aids.

Close to home

The best thing about the best hearing aid prices anywhere? Servicing close to home. Buy new hearing aids from the comfort of your couch and we'll do the rest to schedule a local hearing aid fitting appointment with someone close to home .

Over 500 listings nationwide .

Nationwide access to hearing clinics and audiologists.

We have access to clinics close to home. View the map to see where and we'll pick one of the locations close to you after you make your hearing aid purchase with us. 

Disrupting an industry.

Navigating the landscape to purchase new hearing aids can be costly and stressful. Developed by Audiologists we undertand the industry needs to change and we help you do that by saving you thousands on new premium hearing aids and with an industry leading team. 

Hear Direct Club Team ®

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