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Oticon opn 1

Got my Oticon opn 1 minirite hearing aids new in package with all my accessories and had my audiologist program them. They have significantly improved my hearing with more natural sound than my previous HAs. The cost was $2000 cheaper than what my audiologist wanted to sell them to me for. Yay for me!


Great customer service David is extremely helpful and friendly fast service

Thank you for being so good to me

My husband went to his audiologist and needed a new aid. He was quoted over $7K!! We could not believe how much hearing aids cost now. That night i went online because I couldn't believe the price. I put in the model number and found you guys. I spoke to a rep over the phone who explained to me what the audiologist was doing with "bundling" the total cost of the unit and all our visits. When I realized he was charging almost twice as much as you guys for the aid itself I got really mad. We have been going to him for many years. He was nice enough to tell us that he would do the fitting and the follow up visits if we got the unit with Hearing Aids Direct and that is what we did!!

Will do business with again

I was skeptical at first because the prices were so amazing. People were telling me to be careful what i buy online but these guys sold me the exact thing I saw in the doctors office. It was all genuine and even the same packaging. It definitely looks like it comes right from wherever my doctor was getting his. Awesome guys!!


This is my second set of hearing aids and I love that they are both rechargeable and connect directly to my Iphone. More importantly I saved over 3000 by buying from Hearing Aids Direct. The Phonak Audeo B90 I bought sound great and are so much more convenient to talk on the phone and to not have to change batteries! I finally feel like hearing aids are catching up with other technology. I like the rechargeability and that you can use batteries too. I recently went camping and used normal batteries since I couldn't recharge every night. The service from Hearing Aids Direct was outstanding. They helped me find a specialist in my area and the process was a breeze. So happy


This is my first pair of hearing aids. I have only had my hearing aids for about a month and so far I am extremely happy with them. Like all first time users, I did get some sticker shock when my audiologist gave me the full price for the Phonak Audeo B90 Direct. I didn't have the money but also really wanted my hearing to improve. I did some research online and realized that big price includes a lot of service I didn't need. I knew which model I needed and knew I needed a fitting and programming. I found Hearing Aids Direct and sent them all my questions. They answered everything and walked me through the process after buying. It was simple, much easier than I expected and most importantly, I saved so much money. Great product. Great service. Stellar customer support. I thought I would just have to deal with poor hearing but couldn't be happier now. Donnie

Fantastic Price

I tried 3 different hearing aids at my local audiologist and these were my favorite. The velvet black color is clean and really nice. Ive been going to my audiologist for years but money is tight and I just couldn't afford his price. I looked online and this was the best price I found. I saved a ton of money buying online. Hearing Aids Direct was great in answering my question on where I could these programmed. I was worried I would be stuck with unprogrammed hearing aids but the process was so much easier than I expected. They recommended several specialists near me and also said I could go back to my audiologist. My audiologist understood and programmed them for me for his regular programming fee.
Thank you David and Hearing Aids Direct.

Super price. super service

I wanted to upgrade to something top of the line. I did some research and settled on the Phonak B90 Direct because it links to my iphone. Loved the metallic colors, my old set were beige, this new set looks really nice and high quality. Decided to give buying online a try because I was not willing to spend what my local specialist quoted. They came really quickly. brand new. 3 year warranty. I had some questions and they gave me a call. walked me through the entire process. I never felt like I was on my own when buying online. Not only was the price incredible but the customer service was of the highest quality. I don't normally leave reviews but this was such a great experience I wanted let Hearing Aids Direct know how happy I am. Thank you tremendously.

Pleasantly surprised

I have been wearing hearing aids for over 20 years and I have been pleasantly surprised by the Oticon OPN 1. I needed to replace my old model and wanted top of the line. I was so glad to find such a good deal because, as you may know, most places sell this set for close to $7000! I sent my most recent audiogram to Hearing Aids Direct and they were able to program them for me. I really do enjoy the like-natural hearing again and they are great at eliminating background sound. Best online shopping experience.

First time

I have been thinking about buying new hearing aids for the last year or so. I just turned 65 but I am not ready to retire yet and spend alot of time on my phone with my work. I started looking around and realized that all of the new high tech hearing aids that do bluetooth connections connect to iPhone. I went to see my local audiologist, did an audiogram and he recommended the Oticon OPN. I was excited to hear again but wasn't ready for the cost. I told him thank you and that I had to think about it. My daughter told me to look online because you can buy anything online. I found Hearing Aids Direct and couldn't believe the cost was half of what my audiologist said it was. I bought the OPN 3, they came quickly. I went back to the audiologist and told him they were a gift from my daughter. He had no issues programming them and I saved a ton by buying from Hearing Aids Direct. Thank you guys


I almost purchased hearing aids from my local costco but didn't like the options or service so I decided to look online. I found Hearing Aids Direct and they helped me with the entire process including finding a local specialist to program my OPN's. These are my third pair and my favorite by a mile. I'm hearing sounds around the house that I haven't heard in years. They also fit on my ears perfectly. I also like the free three year warranty. Overall I couldn't be more satisfied with the experience. Thank you

Quality quality quality

So far I'm hearing better in the situations that matter for me. I work in an office. The hearing aids make it easier for me to hear without asking people to raise their voices or repeat themselves.. When I do go out for a meal with my wife I'm able to pick up more from her, and can actually hear the waiters now, so I'm not really avoiding stuff like I used to. The iPhone integration has been good. I've had occasional bluetooth connection issues, but I guess that's bluetooth for you. Streaming quality is good for podcasts and music is great. Hearing Aids Direct saved me thousands over the traditional route. I didn't have to buy a service package from my audiologist. I was able to shop for the best service price the same way I shop for service when I change my tires. Thank you Mariusz and the entire staff at Hearing Aids Direct.

Super Happy

Best price I could find. Had Hearing Aids Direct complete my programming. Submitted my audiogram and they did the rest. Hassle free and reliable.

Great customer service. Saved thousands.

I was worried about buying online. Especially with programming. Hearing Aids Direct had the best price and their service was excellent in every way. I had them tuned by my existing audiologist. Truly amazing. Thank you David and everyone at Hearing Aids Direct.


This was my first time buying online. Hearing Aids Direct made it super easy. By buying online and shopping around for a good price on programming locally I saved thousands. I am so happy with this product, it works flawlessly and has changed my daily life. Didn't know how reduced my hearing was until I started using this product. I can hear!

Oticon are the best

I almost went back to my old provider and paid around 7 grand for these hearing aids. I did some searching online and found Hearing Aids Direct. I was a little concerned about programming but they helped me find a specialist in my area that programmed them for a fraction of the price as my old provider. I was able to save a lot of money, and very happy with the sound quality of these. I had Oticon Deltas before these and I can tell you it is like night and day difference. Better sound, better understanding and no feedback. I wear them about 4-5 more hours per day than I did the other set, about 12 hours per day total. I would recommend the Oticon OPN hearing aids to anyone looking for high quality hearing aids. There might be cheaper models out there, but I'd be surprised if there were better. Milton.

Great Pair

My old Starkey hearing aids we're not working well for me. I spent a few years going back and forth to my audiologist to try and get them just right. I eventually realized they would never work great for me and decided to get new ones this past January. My doctor recommended the Opn aids but the price was way more than I was prepared to pay. Luckily my wife ended up finding Hearing Aids Direct which saved us a lot of money. Spoke to David over the phone and the customer service was top notch. I also really like how they fit behind my ear better than my old hearing aids. People don't notice that I'm wearing them and they've also been helpful for work because I can hear my phone calls right through them. The price was so good I purchased the tv adapter as well. Thank you!!!!

Excellent price and service

These are terrific! I got the charger with rechargeable batteries and couldn’t be happier with the price charged by Hearing Aids Direct and the performance of these hearing aids. These are my second pair of hearing aids from Hearing Aids Direct. Great price. Even better service. Thank you guys so much.

Good price

Good hearing aids for good price,,,got them on the summer deal,,,,very happy.


I've been shopping for hearing aids for the past couple of months and was overwhelmed with the pricing, every place I went wanted $5,000.00 or more for a pair of hearing aids. I kept putting off getting my hearing taken care of because I just couldn't see myself paying that much. I decided to look and online and came across hearing aids direct and was amazed at the price difference. The local stores told me not to buy online because I was going to need a lot of adjustments made to my hearing aids. I decided to take a chance and save $2,200.00 to see if what hearing aids direct had to offer was going to work out. I knew worst case I could get a full refund if I wasn't happy in the first 30 days. I received the hearing aids and they are amazing.Thank you factory direct for helping me hear my grandkids again and saving me a lot of money that I can spoil them with !!!!!!

Customer for life

I am a customer for life. My hearing aids arrived quickly. Had a small problem but Josh and Marius went above and beyond to solve my issue quickly. I am impressed by the level of service these guys offer and recommend them warmly

Satisfied Customer

when Josh asked me to write a review i immediately said i would love to because of how satisfied i am with this hearing aid. i got phonak b30-r and they are working very well together. Josh and Marius were very nice and answered my questions quickly. i approve hearing aids direct.


So much better with my new hearing aids my family and I communicate much easier. Thanks folks!

Great Price

Top notch hearing aids for a great price, I recommend these guys to all of my friends!

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